On train

HotSpot access on ICE

HotSpot – DB Mobility Net
HotSpot is available on many ICE trains. Travellers can use it to access the internet or company network, whilst at top speed. Travel in optimum comfort and make the most of your time. More and more Deutsche Bahn trains are equipped with HotSpot so you can connect wirelessly to the internet, your company and the world.

Where is HotSpot service available?

HotSpot is available on many trains and routes. Deutsche Telekom and Deutsche Bahn are working continuously on the expansion of available routes.

Wireless internet connection throughout the station

Since February 2007, a comprehensive co-operation between Deutsche Bahn and Deutsche Telekom has resulted in a new dimension of mobility. Travellers can log-in easily at 105 of the largest stations in Germany, in DB lounges and on the main routes into the ICE-Fi network of Deutsche Telekom, and can therefore make the most of their travel time.